There's a new look LGPS from 1 April 2014, so we’ve a new look website too. You're currently viewing the old website, which may contain out of date or incorrect information. For up to date key facts about the new scheme, view the new website.

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GMPF Online

GMPF Online is a secure and interactive service that allows you, if you register for the service, to view your pension details online (sorry, not available to Councillor members).

What you can do with GMPF Online

With just one click. You can:

 * check specific data relevant to your status (active/deferred/pensioner),

 * change your contact details to inform us of any changes in your home address, telephone number or email address,

GMPF Online

* download and print a death grant nomination form and,

* make use of the ‘Contact Us’ option if have any queries about your pension details or how to use GMPF Online.

Notice! The ‘Help’ icon can be selected at anytime to view help on the page being viewed. Your query may also be something that can be answered by the information contained on our website.

For active and deferred members, you can also...

* Carry out benefit projections.

Notice! The benefits displayed are for illustration purposes only and you should not make decisions on the results without first contacting your employer’s Pension Officer. GMPF Online is unable to project benefits where the retirement is on the grounds of ill health. Please contact your employer’s Pension Officer if you require details of any potential retirement benefits.

Enquiries on the validity of any of the data shown on GMPF Online should be directed to your employer’s Pension Officer in the first instance, if you are an active member. If you are a deferred member, queries should be made to the Fund.

Please note that from
22 February 2014 there will be no access to GMPF online due to an upgrade to the service. Further updates on availability will be posted here.

We are also not accepting any new users until we have upgraded.

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For pensioner members, you can also...

* Check and print your last six payslips; and,

* Check and print your current P60.

Notice! Queries relating to pensions in payment should be made to the Fund.

Not yet signed up?

Want to set up your GMPF Online service for the first time? Click the blue 'Click Here' button at the top of this page.

Getting Started

To see what you can do with GMPF Online, have a look at our tutorials page.

* GMPF Online Tutorials

Happy to help

If you have a query about the GMPF pension you are drawing or you need help with GMPF Online, please contact us.

* Contact Us

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