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An introduction to
deferred benefits

Deferred benefits
This is simply where we work out the value of your benefits when you leave, and hold them for you until a later date.

Deferred benefits
An introduction to deferred benefits
This choice is open to you as long as you have at least three months membership, or you have brought in a transfer from another scheme.

As long as you meet this condition, we will automatically defer your benefits when you leave, unless you ask for a transfer. And this may well make sense, especially if you hope to come back into the Scheme in future.

If you join the Scheme again
If you do rejoin, please keep an eye on your diary! You will only have 12 months from the date you join to ‘link’ your deferred benefits with your new membership. And if you have more than one set of deferred benefits, you can only link the most recent set.

Inflation proofing
Having worked out the value of your deferred benefits at the point you leave, we then increase them each year in line with the cost of living. And of course that’s only the starting point - once you are drawing your pension, we will increase it each year in line with the cost of living too (special conditions may apply).

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Each year we will send you a statement showing the up to date value, plus news of any relevant changes in the Scheme rules.

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