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Accessibility Statement

The Greater Manchester Pension Fund strives to make the website as accessible as possible, in keeping with obligations under the Equality Act. We do this in a number of ways set out below.

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HTML5 and website structure

The website is built with HTML5 and CSS, helping make it more accessible and easier to navigate for people using assistive technologies.

The website is also built in an accessible way, ensuring it can be viewed without JavaScript or CSS enabled, and without the use of a mouse.

The website is primarily built for the latest versions of the following major browsers:

The website should work in other browsers and previous versions, including Safari and Internet Explorer 9 and above. However, we recommend that you upgrade your browser to the latest version to take advantage of the latest features and to make sure you are protected from security vulnerabilities.

Assistance viewing the website

We provide tools to help view the website available by clicking the 'Accessibility' tab at the top right of each page on the website. There are 2 tools available, one for adjusting the size of text on the site, and one for adjusting the colours used. This should allow short sighted and visually impaired users to see the website more clearly.

Adobe Acrobat Documents Link to PDF Document

Where possible the website uses HTML pages to display information. However there are situations where a printable document is more appropriate, or where there is a large amount of information, which would be unfeasible to copy to a HTML page.

In these situations we use the widely accepted 'Portable Document Format', known as PDF documents from Adobe. These can be viewed in a variety of programs, including some browsers, the most popular of which is Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe Link to External Website, allowing you to view all of the PDF documents on our website.

External links

Throughout the website we link to useful external websites that contain relevant information, or that are helpful to particular topics. These websites are out of our control, and we offer no liability for any information contained on their pages. In order to notify you of an external site link, we use the 'external site link' (External website link), which denotes that a link is to an external website.

Cookies on our website

We also use cookies on our website to enhance your browsing experience. We have a policy on our use of cookies, and ensure that they are only used for the purposes stated.

More information about the cookies we use

More information

For further information on accessibility and how to browse websites with a disability, please see the following websites:

If you have any issues with the website, please Contact us.

Help in using the website

Navigating the website

There are a number of ways to navigate the website, using the categories on the left, and using the A-Z on the top right of each page.

Searching for information

You can also search for information using the search bar on the top right of each page.

Changing the text size

You can change the text size by clicking the 'Accessibility' tab on the top right of the page, and then clicking the '+' or '-' symbols. You can reset the text size by using the 'Reset text size' link.

Changing the contrast

You can change the colours the website to help with contrast using the 2 contrast buttons that appear under 'Contrast' after opening the 'Accessibility' tab.

To change the contrast to white text on a black background, click the white 'A' button, to change the contrast to yellow text on a black background click the yellow 'A' button. To reset the contrast, use the 'Reset contrast' button.

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