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Making a nomination

Making a nomination

In the event of your death, a tax-free death grant lump sum is normally payable, providing you have not reached age 75. You can tell us who you would like to receive any death grant that may be due when you die by making a 'nomination'.

You can nominate whoever you like - friends, family, partners, even an organisation such as your favourite charity. Someone you name is known as a nominated beneficiary or nominee.

All we ask is that if you want to name more than one nominee, you spell out what share each should get (making sure the shares add up to 100%!)

How do I do this?

The best way to make a nomination is to log into My Pension and add the details of your nominee to the nomination screen.

Is it easy to change my mind?

Yes. You can change your mind at any time by logging into My Pension and updating the information. And this is something we strongly recommend you do whenever your circumstances change, for example if someone you've named dies first, or you get divorced.

What if I pay AVCs?

If you are also paying AVCs for extra lump sum life cover through our in-house arrangement, your nomination will cover this too.

If you are paying AVCs to top up your own benefits and you die before drawing them, your nomination will also apply to those benefits as long as you left the scheme on or after 1 April 2014. If you left the scheme before this date, the cash value of your AVCs will always be paid to your estate.

Who will you pay the death grant lump sum to?

Under the Scheme rules, we can choose to pay the death grant to a nominee, relative, dependant or personal representative dealing with the estate, within two years of being told that you have died. But we have agreed payment guidelines as to how we will use this discretion.

We will normally reimburse funeral costs where they cannot be paid for out of your estate but we will always give great weight to your nomination. We will generally pay in line with your wishes unless this isn't possible, or we feel there are exceptional circumstances to consider.

An example of when we can’t follow your nomination is if a beneficiary has died or we can’t trace them. Also, we may choose not to follow your nomination if your circumstances have changed, for example you had nominated a spouse or partner but you have now separated and not updated your nomination since. And there will always be a delay to allow for any claims from family or dependants who wouldn’t benefit if we followed your nomination. But they would have to put forward a good case for us to pay them instead

Do I need to make a nomination?

To reach a fair decision about who should receive the death grant lump sum, we will always look at your personal circumstances, even if you have made a nomination, such as whether you have an immediate family member (a spouse or partner with or without children) and whether you have children from a previous relationship. We must also take into account any claims for the lump sum from anyone appearing to us to have been one of your relatives, or dependent on you at any time. And having taken everything into account that is relevant, we will then make our decision as to who should benefit from the lump sum. But as,for example, dependant ex-partners and estranged relatives have the right to apply for payment, you may want to let us know your wishes.

So please think seriously about making a nomination, as it’s the best way of letting us know who you would like any lump sum to be paid to.

We would encourage you to set up a My Pension account with us as it allows you to easily carry out many pension actions, including making a nomination.

How do I nominate someone if I can’t access My Pension?

You can download a printable nomination form instead and post it to us – please use the link below.

Lump sum nomination form (1 MB) Link to Adobe PDF Document

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