You said, so we did

Your feedback has helped us to make improvements. Here are some of the things you've said together with the changes we've made. 

You said..Computer monitor icon.

The website is slow. 

So we... 

Looked at ways to increase the speed of the website, so it should now be quicker.

You said... 

I don't know whether the online form has gone. 

So we..Document icon with a tick next to it.

Added a message which comes up on screen to confirm your form has been submitted and gives you a timescale for expecting a reply if needed. 

You said...

There is no 'My Pension' logo on the first page as stated in the letter. 

 So we...

Updated our letters to provide clearer instructions for logging in to My Pension.

My Pension logoWe also added the logo to the member menu and the members' homepage to make it clearer where to login.

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