My Pension support

See the sections below if you need help setting up or using your My Pension account. You can contact our Customer Service team if you need further assistance by using the online form or calling 0161 301 7000.

We are currently reviewing our procedures around access to My Pension for children who have pensions with us. The service is temporarily unavailable while we do this. Once our review is complete, we will update our website with more information.

How to register for My Pension

You will need to follow our secure three-step process to set up your account. We recommend using a computer if you can, rather than a mobile phone or tablet, and using either Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Edge as your internet browser.

Step 1 – Register

Image shows a box with the link to register. The box says REgister to receive your activation key by email or in the post..

My Pension will automatically generate an Activation link when you enter your details on the registration screen. If we already hold a valid email address for you, the system will send this Activation link to you by email. It should not take long to arrive, so please check your spam/junk folder if it does not appear in your inbox. If we can’t match your email address to the one we hold on your record, we will send you an Activation code by letter to your home address within seven days. 

If the screen shows a ‘validation error’ message, it’s because our system cannot match the details you have entered on the screen to our records. Please contact us if this happens, and we can investigate this for you.

Step 2 – Complete registration

If you have received your Activation link by email, click the link to complete the registration process. 

If you have received your Activation code by letter, go to the My Pension homepage, click on the ‘Complete your registration’ step, then enter the Activation code from the letter. If you enter your details and Activation code correctly, you will see the registration screen. 

You will then need to enter a current email address and set up your password and security questions.

Step 3 – Login

Once you have followed the first two steps, you can log into your My Pension account using your email address and password at any time. Each time you log in, My Pension will ask you to answer one of your security questions before giving you access to your account.

Here is a flowchart of the process.

Problems logging in to your account/validation error

I think my account is locked as I keep getting a validation error.

A validation error will show on the screen if you enter an incorrect email address or password more than three times. First, check you have input the email address linked to your My Pension account, and if not, enter the correct email address and password and try again. Otherwise, try resetting your password. See the I have forgotten my password section below and follow the same steps. Resetting your password will unlock your account. Your password must contain a minimum of eight characters, with a least one capital letter and one number. It shouldn’t contain any special characters.

I have forgotten my password

You can reset your password by clicking on the Forgotten your password? link. You need to enter the email address linked to your My Pension account. We will then send you a link by email that you can use to reset your password. The link is only valid for 24 hours for security reasons. You should check your junk or spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox. Once it expires, you will need to follow the same process to request another link. Your password must contain a minimum of eight characters, with a least one capital letter and one number. It shouldn’t contain any special characters.

I have forgotten my security questions.

You can reset your security questions if you have forgotten them. Enter your email and password on the login page. You will then see the security questions page. Click on the link Forgotten your response? After you fill in your details and click submit, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to reset your security questions and responses. The link is only valid for 24 hours for security reasons. You should check your junk or spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox. Once it expires, you will need to follow the same process to request another link.

Using the My Pension Calculator

The My Pension calculator is how you can generate an accurate indication of your GMPF benefits at your chosen pension date. Whether you want to retire at your Normal Pension Age or earlier, the calculator will provide you with these figures. 

If you are a contributing member, the pay figure shown at the top of the calculator should be your current annual pay or be near to it. If these figures are very different, then the pension estimate produced by the calculator will not be accurate. In this case, it is best to check with your employer, as they will have provided GMPF with the pay figures shown. 

The pension amount quoted is the amount of pension we would pay to you each year. We pay pensions monthly, so if you divide the amount shown by twelve, you can calculate how much you will receive each month. 

You may also be entitled to a standard one-off tax-free lump sum, depending on when you joined GMPF, and you can increase this by exchanging some of your pension for more lump sum. If not, you can choose to create a lump sum by exchanging some of your pension. These are choices you will need to make when you decide to retire. We will pay any lump sum due when you start to draw your pension. 

There are limits to the amount of lump sum we can pay. If you scroll below the calculator, you can view the maximum amount of lump sum you can take using the sliding scale graph.

How to find your documents

The My Documents tile on your My Pension homepage will store your annual benefit statements if you are a contributing member or have benefits on hold, and your P60 and payslips if you are a pensioner.

We will also add letters here, for example, when you first join GMPF or retire. You can find these in the My Documents tile under 'Letters from GMPF'.

We will always notify you when we add new documents to your account.

Completing forms and uploading them or other documents to your account

You can use your My Pension account to complete and upload forms and other documents rather than sending them through the post.

We may ask you to complete and upload a form, for example, when you first join GMPF or retire. We will tell you in the letter which form you need to complete. You can click on the link to the form given in your letter or go to the ’Publications and Forms’ tile on your My Pension homepage and click ‘Forms’. You can find all forms in this section.

To complete the form, first, you will need to save it to your computer or devise. Then open it in a pdf reader, type in the information and click save. You can then upload your completed form to your My Pension account.

Log into your My Pension account to do this, and from the My Documents tile select ‘Document Upload’.

Then select ‘Browse’ to find your completed form and select it.

Choose the document type from the ‘Category’ field drop down box. Check the form’s name if you are unsure what type of document you are uploading, as this should give you an indication. However, if you are retiring and are uploading your retirement form, choose the case number instead. You can check the case number by using the link in ‘Your Requests’.

When you click ‘Upload’, a message will appear in a green banner to tell you that you have successfully submitted the document.

You can use the same method to send us any other documents you need to provide, such as copies of certificates or proof of address.

If you have more than one pension account, make sure you upload your documents to the correct account. You can move between your pension accounts using the arrow in the top corner next to your status.


I am trying to register with the activation key you sent to me by post, but it isn’t working.

First, check you are on the correct page for completing your registration. Second, check you are typing in the code exactly how you see it. The activation code is case sensitive, so you will need to enter it exactly how it appears in your letter. If you think you have input it wrongly more than three times, you may have locked your account and will need to request a new activation key. To do this, go back to step 1 to register again. Doing this will immediately invalidate the first code. You will need to wait until you receive the second activation code before trying again to complete your registration.

Do I need to wait for an activation key, or can you send an activation link to my email address?

My Pension will only issue an activation email link if the email address that you try to register with matches the email address that we hold on our records. If it matches, you will receive an email with an activation link. The link is only valid for 24 hours for security reasons. You should check your junk or spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox.  If your email address does not match, we will post an activation key to your home address as a security measure. You will see a message on the screen when you submit the registration request that will tell you this. The letter should arrive within five working days. Once you have received it, you can complete your registration.

My partner and I share an email address, and we both have GMPF pension accounts.

For security reasons, every My Pension account must have different login details. Therefore, you must register with a unique email address. If you do not already have another email address you can use, you will need to set one up and then request an activation key. We will send you a letter by post that will include your activation key and the steps to follow to complete the registration process and access your account.

I have registered for My Pension, but the message told me you would send an activation key by post. However, I have moved to a new house. What do I need to do?

If you have recently moved to a new house, you will need to call our Customer Services team as soon as possible to inform them of your new address.

I have joined GMPF recently but can’t seem to access my My Pension account.

We may not yet have received the notification from your employer to tell us you have joined. We will write to you as soon as we receive this, and our letter will include details of how to register your My Pension account. If you do not hear from us, you should contact your employer to check that they have sent the notification to us. 

I have changed my email address - can I still log into my account?

Yes, providing you’ve not locked your account. You should use your old email address to log into your My Pension account and then visit the 'Change my contact details' section under 'My details' to amend your email address to your new address. Changing this will then change your username for My Pension to your new email address. You will then continue to receive any emails from us about your My Pension account. We recommend that you always use a personal email address and not a work email. 

I can’t download or upload my completed form. Can I just print it off and post it back to you instead?

Yes of course. But feel free to call us first to see if we can help you, as we may be able to give you some advice on how to overcome any IT issues you are having.

How do I view multiple pension accounts?

If you have more than one pension account with us, you can use the drop down arrow in the upper right of your My Pension homepage to view your other records.

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